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Trudy Simpson

Hi! I'm Trudy! I started getting into exercise about six months before i turned 40! Figured i was getting old, so i better start getting into shape! A couple years later, I had pneumonia and was off work and away from the gym for several weeks. An acquaintance of mine had started taking yoga at the same gym i attended and suggested I give it a try as a way to ease back into exercise. I started classes, and was immediately hooked! I just loved how the practice made me feel. After a year or so, i started to sub occasionally for the instructor, and finally decided to get certified. Some time off from my regular job as an office manager was required, and i took an intense teacher training course, and became certified in Ashtanga.

Certified in Ashtanga

Trudy's Journey:

I have taught at Only Women's Fitness, Great Dames, Snap Fitness, Heartbreakers, Excel Physio, Family Physique Studio and now here at Yoga You4ia. My classes are a combination of basic Ashtanga, with a bit of myself thrown in! Would love to meet you all - you're welcome anytime.


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