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Shannon Emary

My name is Shannon, I have many titles such as mother of 3, daughter, friend, family, coach and many more.
200 Hrs Power Yoga Teaching 2017

Shannon's Journey:

Health, fitness, nutrition, wellness, yoga has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember! Grade school is when my interest peaked in this industry and inspired my dream and created the path for me to help others take control of their own personal health and wellness. Over the years I have studied and received many certifications in fitness and nutrition and became a group fitness instructor. When my second daughter was born I started a regular yoga practice. Naturally through practising I knew I was going to become a Yoga teacher. Yoga teacher training was a life changer for me as yoga goes deeper than the physical practice, it’s a journey through mind , body and soul. Yoga is now apart of my everyday life in more ways than one and that journey is continuous and forever. My yoga is based on power and will combine flow to heat your body and stretch to release tension and finish with a meditative savasana to leave you feeling nourished and balanced for whatever your journey brings. Namaste! .


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