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Michelle Sauve

200 Hrs Yoga You4ia December 2017
Michelle's Journey:

I first learned about the healing and transformational power of yoga in 2006 while I was working at a conference for cancer patients and their caregivers. My passion for yoga was sparked by this experience and I have been practicing ever since!
My yoga journey began in my late 30’s, a mother of two young children, working and putting myself last on my list. A friend and I decided to start yoga together to create some “me” time! For the first time in years, I experienced more body awareness and confidence than I had in a long while. After attending multiple beginner sessions over the course of about 8 months, I decided it was time to try an Ashtanga Class. I must confess that I did not feel any sense of ease in these new classes. I attended faithfully for well over a year. Every week….I was second guessing my ability to practice this more powerful, advanced style of yoga. One day, it was like a light switched and I just felt this incredible sense of ease and comfort with myself and my practice. I am grateful for this struggle early in my yoga journey as I feel it will help me to connect with new students on a similar path. Yoga has brought so many gifts to my life. Patience and peace, improved overall fitness, better sleep and some days, it feels like I am a little taller! My goal as a teacher is to introduce yoga to others, to encourage them to explore the untapped potential within themselves.




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