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Melissa Mack

I have been practicing yoga for over six years and have been extremely inspired in so many ways. I was first introduced to yoga by practicing Hatha Hot and Power Flow classes where I fell in love with yoga right away.

200-hour yoga certification May 2015
AFLCA June 2016

Melissa's Journey:

Over the years that I have practiced yoga, I knew that I wanted to one day become a yoga instructor. After six years of practicing yoga my friend and I decided to travel to Costa Rica to become yoga instructors. I returned from Costa Rica in May 2015 where I received my 200-hour yoga certification. After returning home I got the amazing opportunity to teach my first Yoga Karma Class at Yoga You4ia in June 2015. Since my first day I have loved every minute that I get to teach and I now teach my own Power Flow and Power Yoga Basics classes. I started doing yoga for an overall body workout but what I ended up getting out of it was so much more. My yoga practice has built strength in my body and brought stillness to my mind in a way that I never thought possible. People always say that there is one thing in life that you’re meant to do, and for me that thing is yoga. Whether it’s teaching or doing my own practice, yoga is where I feel completely myself and I know that this is exactly where I’m meant to be. I have met a lot of amazing and inspirational people through yoga and look forward to all that I still have to learn!


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