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Keeley Milne

Keeley Joined Yoga You4ia in March 2016. Her specialties include Power Flow and Gentle Yoga.

200 Hrs Vinyassa Power Yoga November 2015

Keeley's Journey:

I first dipped into yoga over a decade ago as a way to lengthen muscles that were tight from training for my first marathon. I soon discovered that I loved that way a yoga class made my mind and body relax, and enthusiastically tried any style or class that I could find. A soccer player and long-time distance runner, I first loved the way yoga challenged my body.

During a dark period in my life where I struggled with depression and anxiety, I first realized the incredible power the practice of yoga could have in all aspects of my world. I began to learn mindfulness and meditation through my yoga practice and find relief in the combination of moving my body and clearing my mind. I've always loved to learn, and the world of yoga is an endless journey of discovery. Emerging from some of the challenges in my life with a renewed joie de vivre, I decided to tackle some goals for myself, both signing up to finish my degree in English and signing up for a 200 hour Vinyasa Core Flow yoga teacher training.

Through the training I fell completely head over heels in love with all aspects of yoga, and am constantly excited by the new things I discover in every class I teach or attend. I feel honoured every single time I get to share my passion for the physical challenges and mental and spiritual clarity that yoga can provide by meeting others on the mat.


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