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Crystal Marshall

I believe that yoga finds you when you need it.
200 Hrs Power Yoga Teaching 2017

Crystals's Journey:

I was first introduced to yoga as part of the “get into a sexy wedding dress routine” in 2003. However, it wasn’t until 2010 that I rediscovered yoga and started practicing it regularly. I had two boys eighteen months apart and baby boy two was born in October. Postpartum, in combination with seasonal depression, resulted in a very exhausted, grouchy, and blue mommy.  I found myself in a yoga studio with a friend one March evening because anything was better than being at home.  Proof that yoga finds you when you need it.   Fast forward through the years.  My relationship with yoga has had many ups and downs, another baby, kidney disease and a lot of life in-between.  Yoga was alway there to help me get through whatever life threw at me.  In spring 2017, I had the opportunity to start my teacher training adventure right here at Yoga You4ia. Completing my first 200hr in January 2018. It took me on a mental & spiritual adventure that I was not expecting to be so hard, but it was worth it, and leaving me with the desire to learn more. Yoga has helped me with so much including depression and building self esteem. I have rediscovered who I am and what makes me happy. I don’t recall ever feeling this genuinely happy, strong and free. My goal with teaching is to guide others on their journey by using the physical body to clear the mental and emotional body. My “mom voice” keeps you focused and driven, as well as relaxed and calm at the appropriate points in the class. Let me be your guide to discovering what makes YOU happy..


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