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A little about me. I've lived in Medicine Hat for the last 16 1/2 years relocating from Speedy Creek, SK., (if you know where that is .. lol). I'm married, a mom to 4 adult kids and a Grandma to 2 amazing grandkids. I have 2 blue heelers, & 1 ragdoll cat and I love to teach yoga.

︎200 hr Ashtanga Teacher Training 2018
︎16 hr Yin Teacher Training (Level 1) 2018
︎50 hr Ashtanga Fundamental 2018
︎100 hr Rocket 1, 2 and 3 Teacher Training 2019

Cheryl's Journey:

My love to be active started at a very young age and has continued to blossom ever since. I've been in the fitness realm for the better part of my life whether partaking in sports, being a cardio junky or teaching/coaching. I truly love the active lifestyle and supporting people on their journey.
When I jumped into yoga in 2017 I fell head over heals with the Ashtanga practice.I was so intrigued as to how much I could sweat without really moving. Lol. My desire to learn more lead me to take an Ashtanga Teacher Training. That's when this story really begins.
When I joined the yoga world the clarity of the mind, body and soul connection started to take shape or a least fill in a few of the missing pieces of my puzzle! It literally saved my life ... like it's done for so many others.
As I learn more about these amazing techniques/sequencing. .. my quest has ONLY increased. The realization that the more training I take the less I know is invigorating as it's now become a life long journey of learning! :)) I'm a 300+ hr trained instructor.
As I walk this path in unison with others it excites me to show up to be the best version of myself. So let's grow together on and off our mats because yoga doesn't work unless you show up!
Yoga: "the cessation of the modification of the mind" using, breath, drishti, movement, in every aspect of your life ... not just on your mat!
The Ashtanga Way: The method is in the sequence and it all starts in YOUR head. FUN facts: the Ashtanga Sequence is the oldest yoga out there, t’s the blueprint from where all other yogas are built, it’s a vibrant, intelligently designed sequence to systematically open and heal your body, it will challenge you beyond your wildest dreams - mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and Best of all it's ADDICTIVE.


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